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Why Turfworks


The options of artificial turf on the market are vast, however how many of these actually deliver on quality? How many products in the market are designed and produced after looking at all elements of the production process, as well as understanding the ultimate purpose?


Turfworks has been created to develop, produce and deliver the highest quality turf available in the market, whilst providing true service and reliability for our partners.

Introducing the Turfworks Three Pillars

Quality through knowledge

360° understanding & control of every element of design and manufacturing

We do not just design and manufacture the turf. We design and manufacture the yarn fibres in the turf.


The complete process of the design and manufacturing process are controlled, giving our customer the ultimate product that delivers on quality every time. Never compromised.



At Turfworks we do not just procure our yarn, we design and extrude the yarn in house.


We are involved at every step of the yarn design manufacturing process. We select the raw materials used, the uv stabilisation packages, the extrusion settings and the technical specification. This gives us the control needed to make the ultimate product quality.

  • ‘ProTech’ Yarn resin – Using the latest lumicene mPE chemistry
  • Prime Masterbatch and UV stabilisation packages
  • Elite level extrusion process – Germany engineering
  • Combining the right yarn profile, dtex options, raw materials and extrusion processing to create the ultimate combination
  • Products that provide yarn resilience and durability, whilst being outstanding to the touch and appearance



Through our extensive knowledge, we bring the yarn package into the final tufting specification so to finish with the ultimate turf products in terms of look, touch, resilience and durability.


Through our extensive knowledge, we bring the yarn package into the final tufting specification and finish with the ultimate turf products in terms of look, touch, resilience and durability.

  • Elite quality ‘UltraBak’ double layer backing cloth for stability and strength
  • High quality coating to ensure maximum tuft lock and durability
  • Tightly controlled roll up process for consistent roll quality
  • 8mm reinforced cores and plastic ‘Top Hat’ cap ends
  • Final roll packaging that maintains turf quality from production through to installation

Designed with purpose

A segmented product range designed for and driven by the needs of the market

At Turfworks we have considerable experience and knowledge of every element of the supply chain; from yarn extrusion through to turf distribution. This gives us a clear understanding of the market requirements, and of what is possible in the design and manufacturing process.

With a true understanding of the requirements within the market, we have created new solutions and developed a focused product range.



We are passionate about creating products that not only create the right first impression, but also that are designed and created to look good throughout the lifetime of the garden installation.


So many products in the market are designed with low cost being the key driver, and so the quality of the product becomes the compromise. There are many products that without even one day of use, the quality of the product is questionable.


The Turfworks range perfectly balances value for money with the highest quality, through exclusive technology and detailed product design based on thorough understanding and a passion to do things better.

  • Three tone green used in straight yarn throughout the complete Turfworks range
  • Two tone thatch used to create the most natural look
  • ‘Shark Skin’ High dull level yarn to minimise surface shine and reflection
  • Hi grade ‘Pro Tech’ resin that gives a great touch, whilst maintaining durability and resilience
  • Combination of yarn and tufting specifications that give the ultimate final product specification



As the landscape market matures, and distributors, installers and importantly end clients become more aware of the differences in product quality available in the market, we strongly believe that people will opt for products that provide overall quality that last.


Through our direct influence at every stage of the design and manufacturing process of artificial turf, we are able to ensure that the Turfworks products not only look and feel great on the first display to the customer, as well as the price being right – but that the products will last for a long period of time with true fibre resilience and overall durability.

  • ‘ProTech’ fibre technology to give the ultimate touch, durability and resilience
  • Prime Masterbatch and UV stabilisation packages to ensure product quality for the long term
  • Combining German yarn extrusion technology with British manufacturing for the perfect quality
  • Products that provide yarn resilience and durability, whilst being outstanding to the touch and appearance

Service is reliability

The right product, at the right price, delivered on time…

At Turfworks we understand the absolute importance of high quality service and overall reliability. Without this from your supplier, it makes this difficult or indeed impossible to provide this to your customers.


Through years of combined experience and a clear understanding of the landscape market in the UK and throughout Europe, we place our full focus on ensuring we consistently produce and deliver high quality products to our valued customers, having stock available to ensure we can cater for the market demands, and finally that we can provide impeccable service that ensures business becomes easy and trouble free.



It is one thing to have a high quality product range available in stock and ready to supply; it is quite another being in a position to provide friendly, efficient, knowledgeable service that enables positive and easy business to business communication.


At Turfworks we enjoy what we do, and we strive to ensure our customers enjoy dealing with us too. With years of experience within the artificial grass industry, as well as a wealth of experience in prestigious global businesses catering in the luxury travel and automotive industries, we are bringing our knowledge, experience and passion into ensuring we offer the best possible experience for our customers.

  • Efficient and friendly business to business communication
  • A clear focus on developing an understanding of our customers business, to ensure we can understand our customers specific needs and requirements before they do
  • Considerable knowledge and experience within yarn extrusion and turf production to ensure we can provide answers to our customers
  • UK based company – ensuring communication is easy and effective without the risk of ‘lost in translation’



The artificial grass market for landscape is all about reliability and convenience. It is what your end clients demand from you, and so it is essential to have this from your supplier. At Turfworks we are fully aware of the requirement to have consistently high quality product, that is readily available and delivered on time.


Through our high focus on quality control throughout every element of the production process, and through regular two way communication with our customers about forecasting and general product and delivery demands, we are dedicated to ensuring Turfworks reliability and convenience is second to none.

  • Complete quality control management throughout the entire production process
  • Regular business to business 2 way communication to ensure our customer demands are understood and executed
  • Reliable and trusted logistics partners in UK and Europe to ensure on time deliveries
  • UK based product stock, enabling quick and efficient turnaround


Telephone: +44 (0)1172 140 099   |   Email: sales@turfworks.eu

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